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We Are Building The Next Generation of Athletes.

Xcite Athletics takes players back to the basics, making sure they understand what they are doing and why. Our coaches teach players to master the fundamentals. This allows for any player, regardless of their skills or experience to understand the principles of the game. Not every athlete learns at the same rate, which is why our flexible program is beneficial to everyone.

Our Coaches
Every coach must go through the same training system before they can teach at our facility. Our system attempts to reduce fundamental contradictions caused by coaches coming and going within programs. Yes the game is dynamic and certain things change, but the fundamentals of the game remain the same, consistency is key!

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Training Program

$380 for 15 sessions

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Sessions are one hour and take place at our facility. Your 15 sessions can be used at any time, whether it's twice a week or once a month. Just contact us to check availibility or book a session right now on our website.

New members to The Academy get a free 30 minute evaluation to determine their skill level. Our coaches will then shape their training based on the results. Players will perform practical and written tests to ensure they are retaining what they have learnt.

Our Academy is geared towards both competitive and recreation players, your training experience will shift depending on the goals you set with one of our coaches.

Academy Access

Here at Xcite Athletics, we offer a fully equipped self contained gym with all the necessary tools and exercise equipment an aspiring athlete could need.

We want you to have fun while you learn. Your visit to our Training Academy should be something you look forward to, a place to meet new people, develop competetive relationships and improve yourself as a player. We keep track of your progress so you can compare against other trainees.

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